Dr. Corrine Morgan

Dr. Corrine Morgan graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic and has been practicing for more
than 25 years. She specializes in getting rid of your pain.

Dr. Angela Robinson

Dr. Jeffrey S. Morgan

Associate Chiropractors
Dr. Angela Robinson and Dr. Jeffrey S. Morgan are both graduates of Life University. They have several years of chiropractic experience. Their gentle touch and caring bedside manner make them a priceless addition to our health care team.

Cinquetta Burgess

Front Desk / Office Executive
Cinquetta Burgess is normally the first person you meet when you come to our office.  She is a chiropractic assistant with office management experience. She greets each arrival with a bright smile and exudes warmth with her greetings. She will assist you in filling out our needed office forms; assist the patient’s with directions, and prepares the patients for the doctors to treat. She is also the person of contact for appointments and coverage verifications. She is instrumental in helping the office to run smoothly. Come in and experience her charm.

Wally Beltran

The insurance department is manned by Wally Beltran, who comes with over 5 years of insurance claims handling experience, as well as personal injury. This would include slip & falls, work related accidents, auto, and home owner accidents.  We can help you with any questions concerning coverage. Come in and allow us to handle all of your billing processes.

David Richardson

Massage Therapist
David Richardson is our Massage Therapist.  His expertise in massage therapy will help you to relax and help speed the healing.